There are many reasons to adopt a horse, donkey or burro. You love to ride… you have the space and shelter… you have the time and resources to care for an equine… and you simply adore horses and donkeys. 

If you’re looking at the Habitat for Horses website, you likely have two more reasons. You want to give a rescue a second chance at love, and you know that, even though a horse or donkey has suffered cruelty, they still crave the chance to bond with a human.

And that’s why we want to work with you. After you’ve filled out an adoption application, we’ll look carefully at your needs and the home you can offer a rescue. When everything’s in order, we’ll introduce you to equines who may be a match. Every equine comes with an honest assessment. We want this to work for you and for the equine who goes home with you! Please make sure to read the important information below, then spend some time getting to know our adoptable equines. 

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