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There are so many ways to do something good for equines.

Running an equine rescue this large isn’t easy. And it certainly isn't cheap. Rehabbing just one neglected or abused horse costs about $5,000 — or more if they have special medical needs. Our hay and feed bill alone runs about $45,000 per month — and that’s only if the price of hay doesn’t jump up, which it often does. Then there are vet bills, regular visits from the farrier and equine dentist, paying staff and general operating costs. It adds up pretty quickly.

In addition to operating our sanctuary, we’re active in equine welfare issues; we’re on-call as first responders in equine rescue; and we stay ready to work with law enforcement whenever they ask to respond to equine seizures.

How does it all get done? With your help, of course!

So Many Ways to Help

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