Meet Ninjah

Little Ninjah is darling. She doesn’t give her trust to just anyone, and can be shy at first, but once she gets to know you she’ll follow you around the field nickering. Plus, can you see her little unicorn horn on her forehead? She’s special and we know it!
She allows a saddle and has been ridden a few times here at Habitat at the walk and she will walk on, stop, and turn both directions, but she will need an experienced rider to carry on her training as when she’s uncertain she stops and refuses to move, or sometimes backs up. She thinks new things can be a bit scary and we’ve been working hard to show her the world isn’t as scary as she thinks. She’s a smart one and loves learning new things. She’ll load in a trailer nicely but is still learning to love sprays like fly spray. She stands well for the farrier. If you’re looking for a worthy project horse that will give you her heart, look no further.