We Make Miracles

We Make Miracles

Have you ever wanted to rescue an abused horse? Shower a neglected mini with love? Adopt a thoroughbred whose racing days are long past? 


New Beginnings.

We didn’t just rebuild Plum’s body. We restored her spirit. The miracle of our work is not just that we can return a horse to physical health. With kindness, respect and endless love, we aim for nothing less than to see that horse become magnificent once again. Learn why Miracle Ranch is an equine sanctuary like no other.

Before Image
Plum before coming to Miracle Ranch
After Image
Plum after coming to Miracle Ranch

Rescue. Sanctuary. Family.


They Need You

We rescued Josephine just in time. Malnourished, abused and neglected, we got her to Miracle Ranch right before she gave birth to sweet little Hunter. We're all they've got now... and we're determined to fill their lives with love. Can you help?

A donkey named Josephine and her baby Hunter