Meet Firefly

Firefly is a senior mare who was convinced all people were The Worst. Due to experiences in the past that likely made human presence an unpleasant experience for her, she wanted nothing to do with us. Okay, we said, as long as you let us make sure you’re healthy and happy, we’ll leave you alone. Enter one of our fabulous volunteers: through patience, kindness, and a peaceful presence this volunteer showed Firefly that people can be wonderful. That they can care. That they can respect boundaries and listen to equine body language. Now Firefly not only lets the volunteer pet all over her and groom her, she has begun approaching others for grooming and attention - very pointedly “telling” us where to groom her through her body language. Through this one person, Firefly has become a “cautiously optimistic” fan of people as a 30 year old horse. And it is stories like this which remind us why we call our ranch Miracle Ranch: the humans and animals here are truly special. This mare is truly special for giving humans a second (or third, fourth, fifth) chance, and the humans are truly special for giving her the chance to be heard. You can meet Firefly by appointment if you think she’s just who you need in your pasture, but know you’ll likely have to make a few repeat trips before she’s ready to be friends. And we wouldn't have her any other way.

Updated 18 May 24