Our advocacy on behalf of America’s equines saves lives and protects their welfare. Join us!

Current Initiatives

Tell Amazon: Donkey Hide Belongs on Donkeys

Pseudo-medicines, snacks, candies and cosmetics made from donkey hide earn unscrupulous sellers nearly $8 billion each year — and you can even buy it on Amazon when you search for “ejiao.” Add your name to our petition now and tell Jeff Bezos, Andy Jessy and Amazon.com that donkeys and their hide are not for sale.

Sanctuary Not Slaughter

Pledge your support for the SAFE Act — and demand your local lawmakers pass this critical legislation to protect American horses from slaughter.

Save Wild Mustangs

We're asking the U.S. Interior Secretary to stop the BLM's plans to permanently remove wild horses and burros from federal rangeland. Soon, wild horses will be rounded up by helicopter and sold off to meat buyers. Help us stop them. Add your name.

If You See a Neglected Horse — Do the Right Thing

If you’re a true horse lover, please commit to acting on the cruelty and stopping it. You can save a suffering horse.