Meet Hank

Sir Hank has had a lot to adjust to lately. Now fully blind, he’s working hard to get his bearings again without his sense of sight. He’s doing a wonderful job at such a difficult task. He can get nervous, but with the guidance of his trainers and his pasture mates, he’s getting there. He’ll load in a trailer now, goes right in the stocks, and picks up his feet pretty well (he’s still working on balance now that he’s blind). He stalls well but prefers the pasture life. He’s very easy to catch and greets us with a whinny and walks over immediately when we call his name. We have such a soft spot for all our horses, and Hank is no exception. Looking to add a wonderful horse who’s still figuring things out (don’t worry, Hank, we’re all still figuring things out and that’s okay!)? He’d love to have a home of his own and a friend (or two, or three!) to guide him.