Here’s How to Help

Contact law enforcement right away! By working with the proper authorities, you can help a horse, mini or donkey who is being neglected or abused.

The Signs of Neglect, Malnutrition and Starvation

Take These Steps When You See an Equine Who Needs Help

  1. Tell law enforcement exactly what you saw and give them the address or nearest intersection.
  2. Describe the condition of the equine and the place where you saw the animal. Include a description of the people if they were seen.
  3. Take photos if possible and provide these photos to officers.

You don’t have to provide your name if you wish to remain anonymous.

Nonprofit animal welfare organizations like Habitat for Horses do not have the authority to perform seizures, but law enforcement will contact us if we can help. In turn, we will assist officers in gathering evidence, providing medical reports on the equine and testifying if required.

An innocent animal might be saved because you cared enough to report abuse. Thank you for caring!

A Note to Law Enforcement

Habitat for Horses stands ready to assist with enforcement of animal abuse laws. Our staff is trained and experienced in seizures and can help with forms, advice, transportation, documentation and whatever else is needed to seize an equine and build a case for prosecution of animal abuse.

Habitat for Horses is also a Certified First Responder in Equine Rescue for Galveston County, Texas.