Meet Aria

Aria loves spending time with people and enjoys working with her trainers. She’ll come running up to her trainers in the field and stands well for tacking up, mounting, and the farrier. She loads well, follows a target nicely, and enjoys riding trails around the property. She’s green under saddle and has had positive reinforcement training in the past. She can get nervous when away from friends. She would be a great candidate for liberty work and a wonderful project for someone interested in taking things slowly and continuing her training gently. She prefers dogs that keep their distances and has been known to help her trainers herd donkeys into corrals, when needed. She has quite a sparkly personality and we can guarantee you will spend a lot of time laughing if she’s your forever friend. She may need future chiropractic adjustments as she can get uncomfortable and will let you know by swishing her tail when asked to move forward under saddle.