Meet Breeze

Breeze is a bit shy at first with new people and can be avoidant of being caught. She needs a very patient home that is willing to take things at her pace and continue to teach her that humans and their goofy requests aren’t that bad. Actually, they can be quite fun! She now approaches our trainers out in pasture and will follow them around. She’s easy to catch when she knows you and seems to enjoy going for walks. We are working with her on farrier work and she’s doing very well so far. She has had a saddle pad on, but we haven’t done anything further. She does seem to have basic ground work education, but will need a very experienced and very patient home to continue to bring her along. When she gets to know you and trusts you, she gives with her whole heart. And there’s no sweeter feeling than that. Put in an application today to start your journey with her. You won’t be sorry!