Meet Jacques

This dapper gentleman is full of prance. He is flashy, quick, and impatient. He loves a good trot around the field to show off for the ladies. While he keeps other horses from “his” girls, he is also quite playful out in the field with other geldings and can be seen “horsing around” quite frequently with many different geldings (we know, we know, the jokes are on point!). He needs to practice his ground manners, but what’s a guy to do when he has better things to do than stand around and wait for humans to decide the next move? He lunges well, drives well, and loves the trailer (actually, he’s quite difficult at times to get OUT of the trailer if we haven’t left the property: “If we don’t go somewhere in the trailer, why get out?”). He’s easy to tack up and mount and enjoys trail riding (especially with friends). He can get worried when he’s left alone in the pasture, so would prefer to have at least one horse left with him, but he doesn’t seem to mind doing the leaving. He has a lovely trot and listens well even in a halter. The only thing we’ve found so far that he doesn’t like are: puddles, standing still for long stretches of time, being left alone in pasture, and bareback riding. But we’re pretty sure he’ll come around with some patience, training, a well fitted saddle, and the right home. If you think Mr. Personality is your next horse, let him point you in the direction of our application button