Meet Jewel

Have you seen those eyes? Miss Jewel is a stunner with that one blue eye and one brown eye and the light grey paint markings. She can be shy at first, but when she warms up she won’t leave you alone! She could use some work on basic ground manners, but she’s a fast learner so we don’t think that will be a problem. She’s doing well under saddle and has walking, stopping, and turning down pretty well. She could use an experienced home to finish her education under saddle and give her some love and snacks (she really didn’t want us to forget to mention the snacks). She does well following other horses while being ridden out on trails, and really seems to draw comfort from their presence. She does well with horses in the field, stands well for the farrier with some positive reinforcement, and stands well for saddling and mounting. She’s a hard worker and quick learner and once she figures out a bit more under saddle, her trainers think she’ll be unstoppable. Could she be your perfect project to love? Put in an application to meet her! She’d love to meet you (especially if you bring her some treats!).