Meet Beamer

S-Beamer - Beamer is a handsome boy who loves nothing more than attention from humans. He is very much “in your pocket” and will follow you around all day hoping to get some attention. He does well with other horses and does enjoy playing with them. He has lived with donkeys, but does seem to prefer the company of fellow equines. He has had basic under saddle work at walk, trot, and lope, but he has made it very clear to our trainers that he is now uncomfortable with a rider on his back (he bucks seriously) and has arthritis in his hocks that make it uncomfortable for him to carry too much weight, even with injections. Beamer would prefer a home where he can spend regular time with his human, whether that simply be grooming and sharing snacks or learning fun groundwork activities!  Think this handsome boy sounds like your perfect match? Put in your application, he’ll be waiting (and sure to make you laugh!)!