Meet Joe

Joe- This painting, gregarious, bundle of fun is called Joe, or Joe Joe by his friends. And, Joe Joe is either found playing hard, napping hard, or on occasion, painting fine works of art. Talent? He’s got it. Athleticism? Check. Eyes? He only needs one. Joe is a small horse, but a huge personality out in our pastures. He is very green and hasn’t had a rider on yet so he will need a confident and patient experienced trainer to bring him along as he learns about the riding life. He came in not knowing how to pick up his feet, but now he will pick up all four. He’s gained a lot of confidence working with us and we know he could go far with the right person. He could do many things, but we promise whatever he does, he won’t do it in a small way. Looking for a small horse with a BIG personality to start under saddle? Joe would love to learn with you.

Updated March 2024