Meet Dane

Dane may only have one eye, but he doesn’t let that stop him (and you shouldn’t let it stop you either, he says)! He loves spending time with people in the field and will run up to us anytime we’re out there. He stands nicely for the farrier and is easy to catch in pasture. He leads well and has been ridden. He can show some hesitation in turning while being ridden, due to his blind side, but he’d love to go home with someone who is patient and doesn’t mind giving him a refresher under saddle. He will need an experienced rider who is happy to work with him on trusting his rider and, he’d like to add, work on giving him scratches, love, and treats. To meet this hilarious dude, schedule an appointment today! (For the record, he says he’s not being funny, he is very serious about the scratches, love, and treats).