Meet a Group of People Who Are Horse-Crazy

There’s no way to run Miracle Ranch without a bunch of people who adore horses, minis, donkeys and mules. Our trustees lead with love and dedication. Our staff is even more devoted to equines. The investigators, drivers, office staff, trainers and folks fixing the fences — each one has passion and love for the animals.

That’s why our adoption fees aren’t negotiable. While we pay more than the minimum wage, no amount of money can buy the dedication that our staff show to the animals we serve. We want them to share the rewards of a job well done, so our adoption fees are equally divided among our employees and placed into their 401(k) retirement accounts at the end of the year.

Board Officers

Jerry Finch

President & Founder (retired)

Ginger Barber

Vice President, Business Owner & Interior Designer

Rebecca A. Williams

Executive Director

Board of Trustees

Dr. Dennis Jenkins


Frances Moody-Buzbee

Board Member

Vivian Arcidiacono

Board Member

Office Staff

Mickey Lake

Office Manager

Training Staff

Michelle Stolte

Lead Trainer

Cheyenne Kemnitz

Assistant Lead Trainer

Barn Staff

Nicole Brown

Equine Manager

Haley Sloss

Assistant Barn Manager

Jasmin Full

Megan Hallof

Ranch Hand Staff

Matt Berry

Lead Ranch Hand

Deedee Tipton

Ranch Hand

Reese Kimmons

Ranch Hand