Meet Delaney

Delaney is a looker and a mover and she prefers to be around other horses. She is very engaged during training, but will require an advanced rider or a knowledgeable intermediate rider with a trainer. She’s very smart and would like to continue her education in her new home, and she picked up on trick training very quickly using positive reinforcement. She will line up at the mounting block for riding, she can be ridden with and without a bridle using positive reinforcement but she is very sensitive and does not respond well to escalating pressure. With the right person, she may be able to transition to gentle traditional methods, but would greatly prefer to continue her positive reinforcement training. She will need an experienced home who can help her learn to trust humans, teach her it’s okay to leave her friends for rides, and continue to engage her in gentle but challenging training tasks. She’s a smart mare who likes to use her brain, but needs a cooperative partner/rider to work with. She’d love to meet you at an adoption appointment - call or put in your application to learn more about her.