15 Luxury Horse Trailers you won’t Believe


While the kids maybe dreaming of the latest electronic gadget for Christmas… we know what you wish you could get. That Dream Trailer. The one that would make you the envy of everyone you know. Of course we would prefer ones that were just as nice for our horses as for ourselves…and yes – you can find those as well! Here you go — 15 Luxury Horse Trailers to drool over. ~ HfH

From: Double D’s Trailers

If horses (and horse shows) are a regular part of your life, then you probably feel more at home in your horse trailer living quarters than you do at home. Wouldn’t it be great to have all the amenities of your horse ranch while on the road?

Fortunately, you can! Many of these units go above and beyond the call of duty and create an environment where you don’t mind living, sleeping, and even entertaining guests from your own bunkhouse. These 15 Luxury Horse Trailers you won’t Believe will make you question how you ever got along without one.

1. Country Estate Villa from Featherlite
The Country Estate Villa from Featherlite horse trailer is 53 feet in length, 33 of which boast four slide-outs and the kind of amenities you would get if sitting at home — maybe even some you wouldn’t. Sinks in the kitchen and bath are made from copper, there is an electric fireplace for those cold nights on the road, and a 32-inch flat screen television so you won’t miss any of your favorite programming. XM Satellite Radio, a recessed gas stove, a second flat-panel, a refrigerator drawer for refreshments, and a fully stocked kitchen make this one of the most popular options on the luxury horse trailer market.

2. 2014 Bloomer Brand Trailer
This 2014 Bloomer Brand Trailer runs 45 feet in length with an eight-foot width and will comfortably sleep four people while providing many of the comforts from home all fully available from the road. Among the many amenities Bloomer has placed inside are a convection microwave oven, refrigerator, freezer, stove top burner, kitchen sink, two flat screen televisions, storage space galore, and two slide-outs that each provide an 80-inch sofa sleeper with a movable table. It goes for around $231,000 and is worth every penny!

3. Country Estate Ranch from Featherlite
The Country Estate Ranch model of luxury horse trailer from Featherlite places the luxury more on the horses than the rider, but for owners who take a great deal of pride in their animals, that won’t be a problem. The horse stalls are heavily favored with gray stall pads that allow horses to ride in comfort. There is also a spray-on lining that coats the floor of the horse area for protection from excitable hooves. State-of-the-art storage space makes it easy to keep horses well-stocked with hay and water, and the manger water troughs have their own drain valves. Electric fans fight against overheating, and the stable area is kept under the watchful eye of closed-circuit video cameras. The living quarters also provide plenty of room for you and family to cook, sleep, eat, and shower. Last but not least, there is a flat screen TV with 4.1 surround and built-in DVD players to enjoy during downtime.

POST DATE: 12/21/2014