Horse Pants - The Hottest Innovation in Horsewear (Video)


A pick-me-up laugh-out-loud for your Pre-Monday Commute. Jimmy Kimmel pitches his great new idea to Shark Tank: Horse Pants. (Thank you to everyone who shared this on Facebook – very funny) ~ HfH

From: Entrepreneur
By: Geoff Weiss

Shark Tank producers say they’re looking for captivating entrepreneurial backstories and game-changing business ideas. But a hilarious pitch by late night host Jimmy Kimmel recently had the notoriously cutthroat panel erupting into laughs.

Kimmel began by jokingly recounting a trip to the petting zoo with his family, where he describes being “disturbed” by all of the naked animals. “Today, my gift to you is this — the future of equine fashion,” he says, as a horse wearing a pair of pants on his hind legs trots into the boardroom.

The full Horse Pants line comprises cargo shorts and Spanx, Kimmel explained, adding that he values the company at $5 million. “They’re comfortable, fashionable and business casual — appropriate for the track or the barn.”

Tickled, the Sharks gamely began their inquisition — but do any of them bite? See for yourself in the clip below.

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POST DATE: 11/24/2014