The New York Times takes a stand against wild horses


UPDATE 10/01/2014 5:10PM CST: It is best to email the New York Times at and not at the email address listed below. Please continue to share this with friends, let us build a tidal wave of response and stop irresponsible journalism.

The New York Times has chosen. They are pitting the few remaining wild horses against the cattle ranchers and ignoring the truth. The truth is exactly what we thought it was. Big Energy is going to rule the West with the help of our elected officials and now the New York Times.

The lands of the American West are ideal for the New Energy Frontier (as dubbed by our Dept of the Interior). To do so, those pesky horses must be removed. But what about public outrage? That is an easy one. Get the cattle ranchers riled up – blame the drought problems on the wild horses. The cattle men are now marching across the US crying foul against the BLM and demanding that they remove the wild horses. Which is exactly what the Dept of Interior wants.

Senator Reid paved the way several years ago by introducing a bill that lowered the price of wild horse adoption fees and the number of horses one could adopt. It is not surprising that thousands of those horses were eventually sent to slaughter houses. Why would Sen. Reid do such a thing? The land the horses have been removed from is now on hold for Big Energy to use.

Who is to blame for shifting public sentiment against holding to the original rule of law (The Wild Free Roaming Horse and Burros Act) that would keep our wild horses on the range? The Media. And now the New York Times and Dave Philipps has thrown their hand in with Big Energy.

What can we do? Read the article below. And write the New York Times and Dave Philipps an email explaining that they need to go back and research the facts.

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Dear Editors of the New York Times

The article published on October 1st, 2014 print edition of the New York Times by Dave Phillips is riddled with inaccuracies and must be retracted. If research was performed on the removal of the wild horses from the BLM controlled lands, the author would have known that much of the land is now in use or on hold for the Department of the Interiors’ “New Energy Frontier Program”. This program will not benefit either the horses or the cattle that live on the range. In fact, it is set to destroy the wild horses that remain, and take land from the ranchers in the region. I demand you correct the inaccuracies presented.

Signed (Your Name)

Thank you to all who have been sending in comments and emailing us with the truth. We all need to work together now to save the wild horses.



From: The New York Times
By: Dave Philipps

As Wild Horses Overrun the West, Ranchers Fear Land Will Be Gobbled Up

BEAVER COUNTY, Utah — When he was a boy on a 150,000-acre ranch here in the desert mountains, which are so remote that there is no power line and electricity comes from a turbine in a mountain spring, Mark Wintch would thrill at the sight of a rare band of wild horses kicking up dust as they disappeared over a rise.

“Now there’re so darned many,” Mr. Wintch, 38, said, shaking his head as he bounced his red pickup through sage-dotted public land that his family has ranched since 1935. “Look out there. You barely see a blade of grass.”

POST DATE: 10/01/2014