Meet Zulu

Being abandoned must have terrified Zulu. In a world of darkness, she wandered for days, perhaps weeks, with her nose buried in her daughter’s side. Little Zia kept her mother close as she looked for someone who would give them food and water.

We’re not sure how long Zulu and Zia were on their own. We only know that, in February of 2013, a sheriff from a nearby county called to see if we could take them. They were skinny, he warned, and the mother donkey had “ghost eyes.”

He was referring to the fact that Zulu’s eyes are mostly white and totally unseeing. She depended on Zia as her guide in the world so, when we first welcomed them to our ranch, we didn’t think they could ever be separated. But something wonderful happened.

In the company of our visually impaired horses – Abbie, Hank, and Trigger – Zulu sensed she was in a safe pasture. She fell into their routine and learned to anticipate mealtime – which always comes with a nice scratch. She formed new bonds. And when Zia was adopted, she didn’t mind. Zulu can’t see the kindness all around her, but she can feel it. And if you choose to sponsor her, she’ll feel all the love you send with your monthly gift.