Meet Joe

When law enforcement called us about a horse surrendered by someone who couldn’t pay for vet care, we weren’t surprised. At the height of the pandemic, we knew a lot of people suffered financial setbacks… But when we met Joe, we realized his troubles began well before then.

Joe was dangerously skinny and close to death. His hips and ribs were protruding, and his muscles atrophied; he was suffering from an upper respiratory infection; and he trembled with every step. Joe never had dental or farrier care. And his left eye was so badly damaged that the vet said it needed to go… but when he arrived, he wasn’t well enough to tolerate anesthesia.

In his fragile state, we knew feeding Joe too much or too fast could kill him. Because of our horse-loving community, he gained the strength needed to undergo surgery, and it was a success! Now he needs someone like you to stay by his side.

Miracle Ranch is his forever home. Choosing to sponsor Joe lets him know that he will always be taken care of, that his suffering is over, that he will be cherished and loved for the rest of his life.