Meet Zephyr

Found wandering all alone, lucky little Zephyr — at only 30 inches tall, we mean little — managed to survive long enough for sheriffs to find her. That’s about all we know from her past, but we can piece together the rest…

Almost instantly, Zephyr made new friends in our “mini” paddock, but warming up to humans proved to be another challenge. She probably endured abuse or neglect wherever she came from — we’ve seen those fearful eyes in far too many rescues. But even if it takes time to trust her good fortune, Zephyr will eventually learn that she is surrounded by kind and loving humans. 

In the meantime, we’re playing detective to diagnose her limp. Her X-rays came back clear, so she’s scheduled for more evaluations and staying on pain meds to keep her comfortable.

Our grassy pastures are Zephyr’s forever home. When you sponsor Zephyr, you’re letting her know humans can be kind and gentle — and helping her trust again.