Meet Tonka


But the more you give, the more love you share! Plus, we’ll send you or the recipient a framed photo of your equine, along with his/her story.

By the time Tonka arrived at Miracle Ranch, he scored a 1 on the Henneke scale — severely emaciated and near death. Restoring this big beauty to his former glory is going to take time and lots of tender care.

Our staff used to pass Tonka’s pasture on their way to work, remarking on how handsome he was every time they drove by. Slowly, Tonka lost more and more weight until he disappeared from the fields completely. We reached out to his owner, offering our help. Shortly after, Tonka’s owner signed him over to us, and not a moment too soon. 

In his weak state, getting Tonka to a healthy weight was the first step, and he’s well on his way back to healing. Until then, Tonka needs friends like you by his side while he gains weight and strength. 

Miracle Ranch is Tonka’s forever home. Will you sponsor this beautiful boy and stand by his side while he recovers?