Meet Murdock

Murdock’s lifetime of neglect ended the moment he arrived at Miracle Ranch… but the wounds of his past will take much longer to heal.

There was no way Murdock was going to survive the winter. At the time of his rescue, he was 200 lbs underweight and left to shiver and starve on a ranch with no shelter. His owner was fed up with hearing he was neglecting his horse, and wasn’t shy about his plans for dealing with the problem. He planned to shoot Murdock… and use his hide for a rug.

In his fragile state, we knew getting Murdock to a healthy weight was the first step. But his body shows more signs of abandonment than protruding ribs. His muscles have atrophied, his heart and lungs are weak and he may have kidney problems. He’s likely never had dental or farrier care — but all of that will have to wait until his body is strong enough. 

Murdock will need friends like you to stay by his side while he gains weight and strength… and that may take years.

Miracle Ranch is Murdock’s forever home. When you sponsor Murdock, you’re showing him the kindness he’s been deprived of for his whole life, and sending him the care and love he desperately needs.