Meet Jiminy

We often get calls from caring Good Samaritans, asking us to take in an abandoned equine. But Jiminy’s phone call was different… This skinny foal had been dropped off at a cat and dog shelter in Houston.

They knew Jiminy didn’t stand a chance if they turned him away, so they took him and turned to us. And we’re so glad they did, because Jiminy’s weight was just the beginning of his troubles.

Chronic starvation has permanently stunted his growth. To make matters worse, Jiminy wasn’t gelded. An intact male can go dangerously wild around mares and, in his fragile condition, Jiminy could’ve easily hurt himself. We immediately put him on a careful refeeding program to put some weight on before seeing the vet for further treatment.

Every day we’ll work to restore Jiminy’s body and spirit. The painful memory of his neglect will recede — especially with horse-loving friends like you by his side. One day, he’ll get to join our 250+ rescues romping across Miracle Ranch and live as the horse he was meant to be.

When you sponsor Jiminy, you’re reminding him he’ll never be abandoned or abused again.