Back in the Saddle - Equine Assisted Psychotherapy at Habitat for Horses


There is magic inside a horse.

Horses don’t know how to lie. Like a mirror, they reflect back the exact feelings that a human presents to them. By utilizing that attribute under the guidance of a certified therapist, a client quickly becomes aware of the psychological patterns that cause a wide variety of personal issues.

Troubled teens, older adults, individuals, families and small groups can all benefit from controlled exercises aimed specifically to present and confront issues that will aid in personal development.

Equine Assisted Psychotherapy provides an opportunity to interact with a living, feeling being without risking or fearing human interaction. It has become an excellent therapeutic method when delving into a family and personal relationships, PTSD, trauma disorders, addiction and core personality development. .

Habitat for Horses is now partnered with Carol Velasquez / Back in the Saddle Equine Assisted Psychotherapy at our ranch in Manvel, Texas. Carol Velasquez has over 14 years of mental health experience. She provides treatment of anxiety, anger, Bipolar Disorder, child and teen issues, family conflict, grief and loss, marital discord, relationship problems, self-esteem, substance abuse, trauma recovery…and more.

Horses are not prejudiced, they react to our emotional state in an honest way. All exercises are un-mounted and no horse experience is necessary to benefit. A safe environment is provided that promotes self-exploration and growth. To learn more about Habitat for Horses’ Equine Assisted Psychotherapy program – click here.

To know more about Carol, you may visit her profile page on Psychology Today or contact her at:
Back in the Saddle Psychotherapy, Inc.
8538 Bisell Road
Manvel, Texas 77578
(713) 999-3661.

POST DATE: 09/29/2014