See updates for Conroe - Calico Farm horses in Habitat for Horses care

Horse entering gate
Rescue Story

At the end of June 2015, a Texas judge awarded 207 horses from Calico Dairy Farm into the care of the Houston SPCA. Herman Hoffman and his wife Kathleen Hoffman, owners of Calico Dairy Farm in Conroe Texas, are facing animal cruelty charges with a court date set in November 2015. The Hoffmans attempted to appeal the decision to remove the horses from their ownership -but lost their case. 20 of the Conroe mares, at high risk for pregnancy and other health related issues, are now in the care of Habitat for Horses. Habitat for Horses is known for our ability to rehabilitate horses who previously lived lives without hope. Our rehabilitation facilities have experienced trained staff and all the equipment needed to bring these horses back to full health – ready for lives at new homes. In order to help keep you updated on their condition and when they can be adopted, please be sure to come back to this page.

Our staff is working hard to make these mares healthy again. Their hooves are in bad condition, many are showing signs of chronic starvation and illnesses due to neglect, all of them will need to be worked with in order to re-gain their trust in humans. Your continued support is what allows us to keep our doors open – ready to help law enforcement investigate cases of abuse, able to heal these magnificent creatures back to health and ready for their new forever families. No horse should have to suffer neglect and starvation.

It took quite a cooperative effort between the HSPCA and Habitat for Horses to get the horses into the trailers! Below are pictures taken by Jill Hunter of the round up. More pictures and video will be added in the days to come – so save this link.

POST DATE: 08/17/2015