"We'll stand by you" - a Naysa update

Rescue Story

A picture of Naysa was posted in a recent article I wrote the other day and a number of folks asked about her. While I did an update n June, perhaps it’s time to do another.

Naysa’s story is difficult to watch and even more difficult to understand. Sold at a small town auction in Louisiana for $37, her new owner decided he could make a quick profit and resold her for $100. Trouble was, Naysa wouldn’t load. She suffered his wrath, including a bullet through her head, a barbed wire halter, a severe beating and being drug down the street while tied to the back of the trailer. An Animal Control Officer knew about Habitat for Horses and called us. Would we take her? The vets wanted to put her down.

We did, of course, and brought her home to heal. Five operations and many months later, Naysa was finally on the road to recovery – physically. The mental and spiritual healing took a lot longer and involved some pretty fantastic people. She lives close to the ranch now, happily in love with a gelding named Cochise and living out her life in peace.

When you watch the movie, and you should, know that we stood by her, just as you would have, but none of it, not even the trip to Louisiana, would have been possible without the support of people that truly care. Naysa is just one story. There are hundreds just like her that come through our gates, each deserving a new life. We, all of us together, can give them that chance. Habitat for Horses will do the work, but we need you to financially support the work that we do.

Please make a donation – for Naysa and for all the others waiting at the gate.

Some of the scenes may be difficult to view but the ending is well worth it. The video is best viewed in full screen mode.

This is the story of Naysa:

Currently Naysa is living at a special needs foster home. She has formed close relationships with the other horses in her herd, especially a big paint gelding named Cochise, for they are inseparable. She is free to be a horse and is not expected to perform in any way. We feel she has done her duty to mankind and just wish mankind had been as considerate to her. She loves her human but is leery of those unfamiliar to her.  Her spirit has recovered but she remembers…

Thank you for watching her video story and reading her update


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POST DATE: 08/23/2013