Welcome to The Miracle Ranch

Jerry touching a horse's nose

As you recently heard, we are moving to a 417-acre ranch. Every day the face of the ranch is changing – new fencing, a mowed pasture, more plans… and every step is necessary. We all want it to happen overnight, but the road seems endless at times. However long it takes, it’s all worth it to see these animals happy.

So far, around 200 horses and donkeys have been moved. Without any doubt, they show every sign of pure happiness. Imagine, if you will, being moved from the mud of our Hitchcock ranch to a hundred-acre pasture full of ponds, grassy fields and trees. The rescues still come running when we distribute feed each day, and many of them love the attention of our employees. The best part is seeing horses and donkeys form their own family groups as they graze far away from others

Before any of the planned buildings go up, the plans have to be submitted for approval. The same goes for water lines, the sewer system, running electricity – nearly everything requires meetings and long conversations. This is 400 acres of grazing pasture, meaning the normal and expected signs of civilization have never touched the area. The county has been wonderfully supportive – helping every step of the way – but there are still rules which must be followed.

Standing at one end of the ranch, it’s impossible to see the fence line at the far end. But one thing is clearly visible on the horizon: many more miracles will happen here because our horse-loving friends are helping us make equine dreams come true.

POST DATE: 03/20/2018