Update on Mingo

Rescue Story

Back in August 2014, the Habitat for Horses newsletter had an article on a horse named Mingo. His story of neglect and starvation at the hands of his previous owners touched many hearts. At the time we published Mingo’s story, he was still in rehabilitation. Now he has recovered and is ready for adoption to a new loving home. Mingo is still quite young, just 4 years old but he loves people and gets along great with the herd. Currently he is at one of our outlying ranches just north of Houston, please call ahead to arrange to see this handsome Quarter Horse. With your support horses like Mingo and his pals are able to recover and go on to a new and better life.

Mingo, a skinny horse with ribs showing
Mingo when he first came to our ranch in January 2014
Mingo – getting a bath from our HfH volunteers
“Look at me now!” Mingo – taken a few months ago, and doing so much better.

Read the original article about Mingo from our August 2014 Newsletter written by Jerry Finch, President of Habitat for Horses here.

POST DATE: 06/19/2015