Meet Lincoln, thought to be Europe's biggest horse living in Cumbernauld


From: Evening Times

MEASURING 6ft 10in at his shoulder blades Lincoln is thought to be the biggest horse in Europe.

And in a couple of years he is almost certain to be the biggest horse in the world.

From the tips of his ears to the soles of his feet the magnificent beast is close to 12ft tall.

The massive, black Shire now lives a life of luxury at Tannoch Stables in Cumbernauld.

But he faced being slaughtered and turned into pet food when he was rescued by two kind hearted animal lovers.

Lincoln, whose official name is Ruskington Leicester, was bought by farmer Ruth Blair and company boss James Mackie and nursed back to health.

Given his huge size it is hardly surprising the friendly horse has an appetite to match.

But Lincoln turned out to have the ideal owners as Mr Mackie is managing director of wholesale fruit and vegetable company Fresh Direct.

He said: “I don’t know how anyone else could ­afford to feed him.”

Each day, the horse munches his way through 26lb of carrots, 24 apples, 11lb of spinach, four or five cabbages plus occasional snacks from Mr Mackie’s staff.

Mr Mackie said: “Lincoln had been very badly treated, was very emaciated and was going to end up in the meat trade.

“When he came to us I thought he was too far gone but he got vitamin injections and got a spark back in his eyes.

“Lincoln is the biggest horse in Europe and when I put him into the stable he hit his head off the roof.

“He still has a bit of growing to do but already you can’t see over his back if you are standing next to him. Sitting on his back would be like sitting on top of a Transit van.

“He is a friendly big horse but so far has pulled down three fences and lifted the golf buggy I was in off the ground by picking up the back in his teeth.”

The biggest horse in the world is 11-year-old Jake who lives in America and is three quarters of an inch taller than Lincoln.

Jake is fully grown but Lincoln will continue to grow for the next two years.

Ms Blair agreed Lincoln doesn’t know his own strength.

She said: “He is a fabulous big horse with a kind, docile nature but has a tremendous amount of power in him. He now has a lifetime home.”

POST DATE: 10/09/2014