Horsemeat found in United States.

Rescue Story

Long suspected but never proven until now, we have confirmation that the meat you are eating is not what you think. Even worse, there is a chance that you just ate horsemeat. Not in Europe, not in Mexico, but right here in the good ol’ USA, horsemeat DNA was found in “ground beef.” This is no longer just a suspected possibility. It’s proven.

There are few things worse than eating an animal you love, except when you do it because you were lied to by horse-hating, money grubbing companies who will do anything to make an extra buck. Any company or organization that promotes the slaughter of horses, any company that is involved in the storage, handling, and transportation of horses to slaughter, and any Federal Office of Whatever than turns a blind eye to the slaughter of horses is at fault for the complete corruption of our food supply.

Note that the only product that was tested was ground meat sold at retail and online. Think about all those other items you purchased in the store that say they contain chicken or “100% Angus Beef.” Do we continue to close our eyes and believe what’s written on the package? Do we really trust our food inspection system?

The trust is gone.

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POST DATE: 08/23/2015