Adopting Aging Equids


Somehow it’s November already and Thanksgiving is just around the corner. But that’s not the only celebration taking place this month—it’s also “Adopt a Senior Pet” month! That’s right, old horse fanatics, a month dedicated to encouraging more and more people to become senior horse owners!

I’ve often heard that in small-animal shelters, the youngest residents are usually the first to find new homes. I’d guess it’s similar for equine rescues. And on one hand, I get it. If I’m looking for a riding partner to train and bring up through the levels, I’m probably going to look for one without much wear and tear on his joints and with a long future ahead of him.

But, having brought Dorado home when he was 13—unsure of what, if anything he would be able to do—I know that you can find an ideal mount who’s not 5. And from my experiences working at a lesson farm in Michigan that catered mainly to girls who’d never interacted with a horse before, I can most certainly assure you that, sometimes, an experienced senior horse is the best way to go.

POST DATE: 11/14/2015