6 Arabians That Will Have You Rushing To Adopt!

Jerry's Take


Regal is a handsome grey Arabian who thrives in a pasture setting and has good social skills w/people & other horses. He will make a wonderful Arabian pleasure horse with consistent riding.

Learn more about Regal | http://www.habitatforhorses.org/regal/


Regal is a handsome grey Arabian who thrives in a pasture setting and has good social Irina is a pretty bay mare with lots of potential. She paws when she is bored but patiently stood to have mane untangled, stood to be tacked, and accepted cinching (with a little movement). She accepted weight in the stirrups applied with the hand and when you pulled on the saddle as if we were mounting.

Learn more about Irina | http://www.habitatforhorses.org/irina/


Katniss is a 6 year old Arabian who is curious of everything around her. She passed our obstacle course very well. She is currently in training under saddle, because she needs a better understanding of the basics but is ready for an intermediate rider now!

Learn more | http://www.habitatforhorses.org/katniss/


Elfie is a cute 5 year old Arabian/Quarter Horse who is full of potential. She is very curious, which tends to make her a bit pushy with the other horses in the herd. She halters, leads with respect to personal space, lounges, and picks up all 4 feet. Elfie has a great “Ho” when lead lining, and she accepts a saddle and a bit. Consider adopting Elfie!

Learn more | http://www.habitatforhorses.org/elfie/


Cally is a very pretty flea-bitten grey Arabian with typical high spiritedness of her breed. She is not trained in ground manners or riding in any real way. She will make a great horse for someone with skills, patience and lots of TLC. Like all horses, she as much as anyone deserves a loving forever home

Learn more about Cally | http://www.habitatforhorses.org/cally/


Smitty is a high-headed Arabian/Quarter Horse mix. He does enjoy being with other horses. Smitty is now fully trained, his only remaining issue is that his previous owner stayed in his mouth very hard and will need continued gentle retraining with this issue. He still holds his head overly high and will need a gentle hand to fully retrain him. Otherwise, Smitty is an excellent pleasure horse awaiting his forever home.

Adopt Smitty http://www.habitatforhorses.org/smitty/

POST DATE: 02/17/2016