Take Our Pledge to Save Equines from This Cruel Industry

When Plum stopped winning, she was left to starve. Her story is tragic, but not at all unique. And despite reforms in the horse racing industry, we know there will sadly be more horses who end up like Plum.

This industry, with all its excitement and hype, can also be incredibly harsh on its star athletes. And we can’t ignore the tragic consequences: hundreds of deaths on the track each year; overbreeding and abandonment of “extra” foals and fillies; devastating and lifelong damage to the legs of horses who are raced too young; and the grim ending for thousands of retired racehorses who are auctioned off to meat buyers.

We know you agree — horses deserve respect and dignity. And when conducted ethically, horse racing can be a phenomenal sport to witness!

We hope you’ll sign our pledge and promise to:

  • Share how the current unsafe practices in horse racing cause the injury and death of hundreds of horses each year
  • Refuse to place any bets on horse racing because you won’t support an industry that does so much harm to animals you love

Plum is safe with us today — and Miracle Ranch is likely her forever home. As much as we want to be there for every racehorse, we simply can’t, and it’s why we need your help to reform it into something thrilling… and safe. Please take the pledge today.