Meet Flicka

Miss Flicka may not be a professional under saddle, but she certainly lives up to her name, which means “little girl” in Swedish. Small but mighty, Flicka is not at all a wild pony, she is actually quite social with people. While she’s still working on learning how the whole riding thing works, she hopes that her new home will be as patient with her as the main humans in the book and film were. She nickers at known people in the pasture and approaches immediately. She’s easy to tack up, good for the farrier, and stands for grooming, but is still learning cues under saddle. She’d love a patient home to finish her riding education, or not. She’d be equally as happy out in the field with other horses getting grooming and attention from her future humans. Either way, she promises to be your devoted friend, just like ‘My Friend Flicka.’