UPDATE: EPM in Horses


What We Know About This Equine Neurologic Disease and Where the Research Is Headed

Icy Edge was a talented horse. He was as fluid and eye-catching in the dressage arena as he was fleet of foot and fearless over jumps. The striking gray Thoroughbred loved cross-country, often letting out an eager squeal before launching out of the start box as if in slow motion, directly into a balanced, ground-covering gallop.

Though he had buckets of energy to spare, he used them for good. Icy was a teacher; he brought several young eventing riders through the ranks, bolstering confidence and building in them a lifelong admiration of and commitment to horses. In three words he was solid, steady and sure — that is, until he developed the debilitating neurologic disease equine protozoal myeloencephalitis (EPM).

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POST DATE: 04/17/2018