Proof That Horses And Dogs Make The Best Of Friends!


Here is your Sunday AWWWW Cute! Post. Most folks that raise horses and dogs know this to be true. Some of the cutest moments can be seen between dogs and horses – if you are patient and watch without forcing the interaction. Following the suggestions Julia Rubin gives – introduce your horse and dog in a low- stress environment – can help create a BFF like no other! Be sure to click on the “Continue Reading” link to see more cute pics. And don’t forget – you can cute pictures of HfH horses for your Christmas Tree – click here to find out more. ~ HfH

From: Little Things
By: Julia Lynn Rubin

We can learn quite a lot from our animal friends.

They love one another regardless of their differences, which is why so many different species end up becoming the most unlikely best of buds!

It’s pretty common knowledge for anyone who grew up with many different kinds of animals, and if you’re likely enough to own a dog and horse, you’ve probably seen their special bond firsthand.

As horses can be easily spooked, animal experts recommend introducing them to a potential doggie playmate in a positive, low-stress environment, and making sure that the dog isn’t overexcited and begins their interaction while on a leash.

POST DATE: 11/30/2014