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What are the best names for horses? Below is an article on popular horse names in the UK. I bet most of you have an opinion about this. I do not mean those long names given to racehorses. What I want to know is what is the best name for horses that are beloved companions, riding buddies, your four legged friend. Our Spring Fundraiser is going strong – three random donors will have the honor of giving these horses new name for their fresh start in life. All it takes is a $25 or more donation to be put in the drawing. Choose a horse below –

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During the spring it is prime time to name your horses new foal or maybe you made a new purchase on Horsemart and are now the proud owner of a young bay and fancy a name change?

Well you’re in luck, because here at Horsemart we’ve created a list of the best horse names featured on our site – through buying and selling.

What’s more we’ve got the top 10 names for boys, and the top 10 names for girls, so you can check out what’s popular and what’s not.

Names are always changing so Horsemart sees anything from the exotic Xeta Maria to the traditional Jack, we love everything from the outrageously imaginative to the sweet and simple.

It is also worth remembering that here at Horsemart, we offer a wealth of horse information and advice to help in all aspects of caring for your horse. To view all of our fantastic advice, click here now.

We would love to know what your horse is called!

Tell us what your horse is called in the comments section at the bottom of the page. You might just inspire other horse owners with your original ideas.

You are sure to find yourself a name or two to choose from on our list.

Top 10 most popular horse names for girls:

  • Rosie
  • Mona
  • Bella
  • Molly
  • Poppy
  • Lilly
  • Millie
  • Lady
  • Lucy
  • Bonnie

There is something which we have noticed specifically with the girls names, you do seem to love the ‘e’ sounding names, they’re nice and girly – but not too much!

We have definitely noticed that you love to name your horses human names, whereas previously, human names and animal names have been kept rather separate – but when our pets are as much part of the family as our aunts and uncles, why not give them a name that makes them feel part of the family!

What about the boys then?

Top 10 most popular horse names for boys

  • Jack
  • Charlie
  • Billy
  • Harry
  • Bailey
  • Alfie
  • George
  • Murphy
  • Bobby
  • Jimmy

We love the boys names too, again the names are classic and always in fashion. What we love about the top 10 boys names is that even through the years we haven’t seen a huge change in the list of male horse names. Some names come and go but they all have a classic and gentle aspect to them, we don’t see it often but we like it!

Of course, they aren’t all so common. Not all of us are into naming our horses after humans, so here are some of the best unisex names, that would only be fit for a horse!

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POST DATE: 03/28/2015