Mongolia puts the brakes on 'dangerous' winter horse racing


Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia – The mere thought of stepping outside during a Mongolian winter is enough to chill one’s bones. For years, Mongolian children have braved the frigid winter for a taste of glory, risking life and limbs to win prize money for their families. Thanks to the efforts of human rights advocates, they will no longer.

In late January, the Mongolian government banned horse races during the winter which, in Mongolia, lasts from October to May.

Horse racing has caused injuries to many Mongolian children – even leading to deaths in some cases – who are preferred to adult jockeys because of their smaller size.

Government figures show that in 2017, 10,435 children participated in horse races, out of which 169 were injured and two died…...In 2018, the Mongolian National Sports Horse Racing Association organised a night-time race in Govi-Sumber without the government’s permission. The race did not end until 11pm, the darkness causing additional danger for competitors. Many riders lost their way, and two horses crashed into unlit cars, causing injury…Read the full article here.

POST DATE: 03/26/2019