The Horsey Haircut that Destroyed the Internet


Horse owners can be a bit particular when it comes to the grooming care of their horses. Hunter-jumpers are constantly trying to achieve the perfect pulled look while many breed competitors or western horses aspire to have long, luscious locks. Bangs, however, have never been a popular fashion statement in the horsey world. Take a gander at this photo that has been making its way around the internet showing off a somewhat tragic, albeit kind-hearted haircut of rescue horse Sammy.

Of course, as the story unfolds it came out that the trim was made with the best intentions. A kind volunteer felt that Sammy’s forelock was bothering him and thought he would help out and make him more comfortable. I can’t shame a dad that has the best interest of the horse at heart, so props to you, dad — just place the scissors down and everyone will be happy!

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POST DATE: 01/05/2019