Habitat for Horses & Willie Nelson Save Slaughter Bound Horses


Many years ago, Habitat for Horses stopped a shipment of registered Paints from going to slaughter. While there were a lot of strange twist and turns involved, we ended up 200 miles from the ranch with two long horse trailers full of anxious and hungry animals. I knew Amy Nelson from previous meetings in Washington DC and knew her dad, Willie, had a ranch close to Austin. In a slight panic mode, I called Amy and asked if she might ask her dad if….

Without a moment’s hesitation, Willie became the adopter of a whole bunch of beautiful Paints. Over the years, we’ve delivered others to Willie’s home in Luck, Texas. He and Amy have been great supporters and fans of Habitat for Horses, just as we continue to be their fans. 

Willie worked with Ray Wylie Hubbard in making the video of “Stone Blind Horses.” As you watch, you’ll see them around the paints he adopted. You’ll also see the tenderness and love Willie has for them, and at the end of the video is their message to you, “Please support Habitat for Horses.”
These horses came within hours of losing their precious lives in the slaughterhouse. In their desperate hour of need, Amy and Willie stepped up and offered them sanctuary, where they remain today. We will forever be thankful to them for all they have done and continue to do.

Ray Hubbard and Willie Nelson made a video featuring a lot of our horses at his ranch in Luck. Watch it to the very end, something very surprising happens.

POST DATE: 03/08/2022