Clydesdale giants surprise residents at Tarragal House nursing home


Residents at an Erina nursing home got a surprise when two draft horses and a cowboy popped in for a friendly neigh-bourhood visit.

The pair of Clydesdale horses — usually more at home pulling a cart or ploughing fields than hanging out inside a nursing home — took a tour through Tarragal House, even popping into some of the residents’ rooms.

“We don’t see many horses in here,” 91-year-old resident Betty Nichols said as five-year-old Sonny and Lenny, eight, were led through the home’s carpeted lobby by fellow resident Joe Cappello.

“I used to go the races, but never got this close to a horse,” said Mr Cappello as he said hello to the two giant workhorses.

He may be a towering 16 hands high and weigh 750kg, but that didn’t stop gentle giant Lenny from also squeezing into resident Warwick Oates’ room for a pat.

While older horse Lenny has visited many nursing homes and schools, it was a first for Sonny.

POST DATE: 02/24/2016