Christmas is just around the corner - a gift for yourself and your 4-legged friend

Munchie and Santa

Christmas is indeed less than 10 weeks away. Time certainly flies, and our lives will only get busier as the season approaches. A simple, beautiful gift for your horse loving child or grandchild is a picture of them with their favorite horse featured in our Habitat for Horses Calendar. From full page pictures to date size blocks – there is size and price range for all. Just think how proud your equine friend will be when you display our calendar with their picture in it! For the calendars to be ready for Santa, you will need to get your pictures in by October 20th, 2014. All sales will benefit the horses, burros, minis and other equine here at Habitat for Horses. Make their Christmas a joyful one, and yours too. Contact our offices today! Find out more below:~ HfH

2015 Habitat for Horses Calendars accepting submissions

Picture *your* horse on the Habitat for Horses 2015 Calendar and raise some much needed funds!

We are preparing our 2015 Calendars featuring horses of all kinds – be they burro, horse, mini, mule… all our equine pals.

All funds raised from this calendar will go towards saving more abused and neglected horses. Many of these horses would be sold to kill-buyers if not for your donations!

If you have a horse or know of someone else that does we are offering the following opportunities to have them featured on our calendar (this is NOT limited to HfH horses, so spread the word to all your friends!):

1. SOLD OUT $250 Front Page: Only 1 lucky horse will get this spot! Your horse will be featured on the front page of our calendar. Your horse will represent Habitat for Horses and you receive a free calendar!

2. JAN, FEB, MARCH, JUNE, OCTOBER & DECEMBER ARE SOLD OUT $69 Full Page: Picture of your horse will be featured for the month you choose. We have 2 formats available – 2 smaller pictures or 1 larger picture. If 2 smaller pictures are requested, you can have more than one horse featured. There will be limited space to insert information about the horse(s) and you will receive a FREE calendar!

2. $39 Half Page: Your horse will be featured as one of two pictures for the month you choose. There will be limited space to insert information about your special horse.

3. $19 Date Block Picture: Donor chooses a special day and their horses picture will be shown on that day. You can put up a picture of your daughters rescue horse on her birthday, or buy a spot for your horse’s birthday! You choose the special day and we will include your picture on that day as well as whatever “event” you would like!

All spots are available on a first-come, first-served basis and of course you can purchase as many picture spots as you want and in any combination!! The deadline for picture submittal is October 20, 2014 and all pictures and text must be approved by HfH. If you are interested in having a special equine in your life featured or want more details please contact our offices:

Phone: 409-935-0277 Monday – Friday 8AM to 4PM.

We must have a HIGH QUALITY LARGE picture! Text will be limited and must include the name, age, and breed of your horse. This is a great opportunity to feature your beloved horse, a friend’s horse, or any other special horse you know and love! You could put a picture on a special equine enthusiast’s birthday and buy them a calendar as a gift…or feature your best equne friend as the “centerfold” of the month you got them….the possibilities are endless! What a great way to do something special for the equine lover in your life (or yourself!) and support HfH too.)

The cost of the calendar once completed will be $19. They will be available for shipping by November 17th, 2014, ordering information will be provided. If you have any questions, feel free to contact us and THANK YOU!

POST DATE: 10/13/2014