Breaking News: Hoffmans Appeal Horse Abuse Case

Rescue Story

Across the nation, people were shocked at the images of starved and abused horses seized by law enforcement and the Houston SPCA from Calico Farm in Conroe, Texas.

Yesterday afternoon, Herman Hoffman filed an appeal in court over the case regarding the horses. The Texas Health and Safety Code – Chapter 821 – allows those accused of animal abuse the right to appeal. This does not mean they are innocent nor does it mean they are guilty. We must trust and pray that justice will prevail for over 200 horses that were in the Hoffman’s care.

Until such time that the courts determine the outcome, Habitat for Horses will continue preparing to receive a group of mares – purchasing the equipment and feed that will be needed to care for them in the coming months of their rehabilitation.

Your support makes this possible.

POST DATE: 07/15/2015