Blood Drive for Dennis Jenkins, D.V.M.


Few people are more important in a horse’s life than a vet – and no vet has been more important to the horses of Habitat than Dennis Jenkins. Almost 20 years ago, I asked him to be on our Board of Directors. Since that time he’s gone far beyond the call of duty in his service to our horses, our organization, our community and to all those whose life he has touched.

Dennis has been by my side through hurricanes and fires, through countless seizures, in and out of courts, in muddy pastures at 3 AM on Sunday mornings, always ready to do whatever can be done for the horses. I always take comfort in knowing that if there is any hope at all for saving a horse’s life, Dennis would do it. And not just for us – he cares deeply for each and every horse.

Now Dennis needs us. As I write this, he’s back in the hospital. It’s been a long time since he felt great. His road to recovery has taken a twisted path, from one problem to another. Now he’s at UTMB, one of the best hospitals in the country, and his docs think they have his medical issues under control. Walking out of the hospital and back to treating horses at his clinic is a real possibility.

“What can I do?” is an often asked question. For those of us in this community, here’s an answer – donate your blood. Paying it back to a man than has paid it forward with his dedication to the horses. If you do not live in the Houston, TX area – consider donating blood at your local hospital or Red Cross n honor of Dr. Jenkins. ~ Jerry

Click here to download Dr. Jenkin’s Blood Drive Flyer

POST DATE: 10/16/2014