Action Alert: Donkey Roping Contest

Jerry's Take

May 4th Update – Reports are that this event has been cancelled! Thanks to everyone that put in the effort to act.

May 1, 2013 

There is a donkey roping competition planned for this Saturday, May 4th in Sonora, Texas. Donkeys will be roped and tortured for entertainment as part of a fundraising event benefiting Combat Marine Outdoors. Torturing donkeys is not the way to support the Marines!

In the past thanks to YOUR calls we have gotten donkey roping events cancelled and with your help we can put a stop to this one too!

Please make a brief, polite phone call to the organizers of this event and ask them to please cancel the donkey roping part of the event. The numbers to call are: 325-387-3244, 325-226-4450 and 713-857-6713.

Call the Consuelo Ranch who is hosting the event and ask them not to do donkey roping at their event, be brief and polite: 325-387-3346

Combat Marine Outdoors and politely tell them that donkey roping is extremely abusive to donkeys, donkeys can easily get their necks and legs broken when being roped. Donkeys are very intelligent, and the abuse they receive will scar them for life. Thank them for their service to our country, be brief and polite: 713-419-6023 After calling them email them as well.
Colonel Alan Orr – President

Rusty Hicks – Excutive Director

Arturo Garcia – Programs Director

We asked people on Facebook to post on Combat Marine Outdoor’s Facebook page and ask them not to torture donkeys. They deleted the posts, banned everyone and disabled commenting on their page, and then deleted their entire Facebook page. As one of our followers put it so well “Can’t man up! Oh, let’s just delete the post and pretend it never happened. Sad excuse.” We feel now the only way to help these donkeys is to take it to the media. Please contact the following TV stations in Houston and tell them about the situation.

KHOU – 713-526-1111

KTRK – 713-666-0713

KRIV – 713-479-2801

Please make the calls, emails, and forward this on to anyone that can help. Together we can put a stop to another donkey roping event!

POST DATE: 05/02/2013